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Great skateboard ramps start with quality plans, materials and tools. A bit of know how is a must as well. Knowing your handyman limits is an important factor as well. Nothing is worse then starting a big project and realizing midway through that you are in over your head. It's a waste of both time and money. Most of these plans can be done by just about anyone who is good with their hands, but you may want to start by building a smaller skateboard ramp first. You may want to start with something simple like a Funbox or Pyramid ramp. These will help you decide if you have the skills needed to move onto a bigger project. Just like skating, build good quality ramp that rides well is a matter of practice.

Below is a list of places to find free skateboarding ramp plans

  • Xtreme
  • Custom
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    Free Volcom, Element, and DC skateboard Stickers