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Free Volcom, Element, and DC Skateboarding Stickers

A lot of people want to know where they can get free stickers from compaines like Volcom, Element , and DC. Each time you purchase a product from one of these companies make sure to look in the packaging for stickers that are included. If you haven't purchased any products lately, you may want to try emailing or sending a letter to the company and request some stickers. A sure fire way to get some free stickers to attend a skate demo. Whenever a company puts on one of these events, they have a lot of free giveaways. Not only can you pickup some free stickers, but you can also get free apparel and gear. Another option is to try and contact these guys who claim to provide free stickers for the price of postage. However it looks like the site may not have been updated for a while since they list postage at $.42. If you want to spend a couple of dollars, you can also try searching Ebay. There are always people selling a large variety of stickers for next to nothing.